This is Gillian. With a G. You should vote for her.
This is Gillian. With a G. You should vote for her.

PETA Sponsors 'Sexiest Vegetarian' Contest

When you think of vegetarians and vegans, do you think of skinny, pale people with wan faces who wear baggy brown trousers and bare feet? Yeah, you do. Don't lie.

To combat this image, PETA--you know, the lovingly whacko freaks who proposed that fish be renamed "sea kittens"--is running their annual contest to crown America's sexiest vegetarians. The winners--one man and one woman--will win a trip to Hawai`i, where they'll be able to partake in the islands' famous vegetarian cuisine, with specialties like Portuguese soy-sage fried rice, soy-min, and kalua seitan.

The candidates range from the predictable (come on, invest in a beard trimmer) to the surprising (stacked women!)

You do have to register to vote; make sure you opt out of their spammity spam unless you enjoy being included on every single action alert their fevered imaginations can come up with. Also, if you're so inclined, you can register to receive a vegetarian starter kit. I'm not sure what comes in it, but I assume it contains seeds, so you can raise, harvest and cook your own vegetarians at home.

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