Persian Dried Fruits And Nuts Purveyor To Open First American Store in Irvine

Tavazo, a seller of dried fruits and nuts based out of Ontario, Canada, is planning to open its first store in the U.S. this summer in Irvine. The outlet, next to Smart & Final and Trader Joe's at Culver and Walnut, will also boast 300 kind of spices, dried organic prunes, dates, vegetables, jam, pastes and syrups, even caviar (Beluga, Asetra and Sevruga).

In addition, they plan on stocking traditional pastries from Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan. There are four kind of baklava listed on their site and much, much more. According to their tagline, they've been in business since 1950. And apparently they have done their homework by establishing themselves in a city that has a robust Persian presence, not to mention Wholesome Choice, the Persian superstore to beat.

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