A typical morning at Weekly world headquarters...
A typical morning at Weekly world headquarters...

Peligroso Tequila Silver 42, Our Drink of the Week!

If you glance at a bottle of Peligroso tequila and are a way-too-politically-conscious pendejo like me, you'll want to immediately protest. The name, drawing on centuries of gabacho stereotypes about the inherent danger of Mexicans and tequila. Their logo, a coiled rattlesnake with fangs bared, ready to strike. The accompanying tag, which promises "When your crew sets out for a night of drinking PELIGROSO, they know it's going to be a great time with the potential for adventure and danger." They should've just thrown in a joke about donkey shows while they were at it.

Thankfully, there aren't too many way-too-politically-conscious pendejos like me, because all that thinking gets in the way of a fine tequila.

I was able to score a bottle of the Peligroso silver. Silver tequilas, of course, are the moonshine of the distilled liquor's universe (actually, mescal is, but that's another review...), which means it's barely aged and harsher on the senses. The Peligroso stays true to its family, with a nose that pops you like a tapatío after one too many, and an initial flavor that's surprisingly peppery--not too much, though, as a smokiness settles in toward the end.

What remains throughout, though, is a zing that resonates across the palate. It'd make great margaritas and Bloody Marias, and works even better as a sipping tequila for those you can trust without going loco after a shot. Good buy--and in the greater scheme of things, having a tequila promise danger is far less offensive than one named after Frida Kahlo...

Go to peligrosotequila.com to find some of the many local restaurants and stores that carry it .

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