Pascal at Hutton Centre when it was still in business
Pascal at Hutton Centre when it was still in business
Edwin Goei

Pascal Olhats Closes Pascal at Hutton Centre

Pascal Olhats' seminal restaurant Traditions is all but a distant memory, and now the satellite location of Pascal at Hutton Centre has closed as well. I noticed it was dark and gutted this past weekend and shot an email to the man himself. 

Chef Olhats not only answered me within mere minutes via his Blackberry, but also gave me an update on what he's been up to.

Here's what he said:

"Yes I am sad for having decided to close this location. I was at the end of my 4 year lease and decided to not renew it. I believe that even (though) we had a great "fan" following, (there) was not enough volume to make it successful but the Bristol Street location is booming more than ever. 

I am spending a lot of time developing new macarons, new healthy raw salads, gluten free quiches and dairy free dishes...I also plan to have a Friday Bistro Night and serve classic French dishes like cassoulet, bouillabaisse, coq au vin....and a cheese appetizer menu. No reservation, casual bistro table setting, grab and drink the shop wine for $5 fee or your own for $10 corkage. I may even serve crepes too! Merci."

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