Party of Six Leaves $2.21 Tip on $177 Meal

I admit it: I'm not the best tipper. I try to adhere to Mr. Gold's standard of 20%, I really do--but it's usually more around 15%. I karmically make it up by tipping 100, even 200 percent at my favorite places (true story), and I can say that I've only not tipped maybe once or twice in my life, and left less than 10 percent maybe once.

There's no way in hell, however, I'd ever leave a two-buck tip on a meal in which I spent $100, let alone $177--and especially not after an excellent meal. Well, someone did: see above, and check out where it happened after the jump!

It happened today at the ever-wonderful Break of Dawn. Chef-owner Dee Nguyen told us the receipt "was for a table of six who worked the culo outta my server."

This makes the lack of a tip even worse. Hey, pendejos: YOU'RE NOT STEVE BUSCEMI IN RESERVOIR DOGS. EVEN HE LEFT A TIP AT THE END--after being browbeaten into it by Harvey Keitel (or was it Lawrence Tierney? Both, I think). It'd be one thing There simply is no excuse to spend all that money and leave such a gnat-sized amount. None

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