Party Hangovers

Last night, I had the privilege of attending the LA Weekly Christmas party. The food was good (meat skewers, hummus, empanadas, brownies), the Coronas free-flowing...but the comment I heard the most whenever I mentioned I was from the OC sister-paper was this:

"Man, you guys' Christmas party looked way more fun!"

No names...I wish to protect the innocent. Besides, when I meet a bunch of new people at a party, I usually forget most of them the next day anyway. Sad, but true -- everyone over the age of 30 starts to lose memory, and beer doesn't help.

One of the things that made our party super-awesome was the presence of Philly's Best cheesesteak sandwiches. I was hooked, so I went there to eat today in the lunch hour. It turned out I had made a rookie mistake.

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If you intend to go there for lunch, CALL AHEAD. I didn't, and it took almost a half-hour to get my food. The sandwich is worth the wait. The fries, not quite so much.

And cops love the place, so don't even think about robbing it.

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