Parisian Boutique to Sell Nike-Shaped Macarons

First, let's get straight to it.

A macaroon (notice the presence of two O's) is a Jewish confection of shredded coconut and condensed milk that's eaten around Passover.

A macaron (only one O, with the N nice and nasal) is a French pastry made principally of ground almonds, icing sugar and egg whites. Two cookies are pressed together around a ganache in a complementary flavor (and color).

The "if it's hip, it's here" blog on Tuesday featured macarons (one O) made in the shape of tennis shoes. Seriously. They're made under license with Nike in two flavors, pistachio and raspberry and are available chez Colette, between the ritzy shops in the place Vendôme and the Musée du Louvre.

Let's hope that the filling inside is not toe jam.


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