Panda Express' Next Venture: Dry Cleaning

Panda Express' Next Venture: Dry Cleaning
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Not content in making the addictive substance called Orange Chicken available at every airport and mall food court (and yes, even friggin' China), the creators of Panda Express have now branched out into...dry cleaning?

We'll let you make up your own Chinese food and Chinese laundry quips; but founders Andrew and Peggy Cherng make a good case in why this is a good idea. In partnering with Procter and Gamble, the makers of Tide, they argue that there is no "McDonald's of dry cleaners" out there. "There isn't any consolidation in this particular industry," Andrew Cherng told The Times, "We see this as an opportunity."

Their goal is about 500 shops nationwide in the next five years. So far, they've opened one in Henderson, Nevada under the name Tide Dry Cleaners. No word yet if you get a discount when the stain to be removed is of the sweet and sour variety.

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