Pagolac Moves After Nearly 24 Years In Business; Golden Elephant Takes Over And Updates Old Space

In case you were worried that Pagolac, one of Little Saigon's best and oldest 7 courses-of-beef restaurants, seemed to have been replaced after nearly 24 years in business by a new Thai eatery called Golden Elephant at 14580 Brookhurst in Westminster, do not fret: Pagolac has merely moved to newer digs a few blocks away at 15470 Magnolia (near McFadden).

What's more, what replaced it is a hybrid Thai/Vietnamese restaurant where you can order hu tieu as well as pad Thai.

Golden Elephant looks to have updated the room it inherited from Pagolac to the 21st century and into what may be the swankiest looking lounge/restaurant in Little Saigon.

Pagolac's new digs also looks more modern. But I wonder what happened to that Vespa they used to have at the old restaurant's entrance?

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