Orange Soda from Contra Coffee & Tea, Our Drink of the Week!

“I am an orange-soda SNOB!” I roared to Contra Coffee co-founder Julie Nguyen as she was serving drinks at the recent Patchwork Arts & Craft Festival in SanTana, and I was just declaring the truth. Really, I’m an orange-drink snob, given I’ve been drinking OJ since back in the days where you could buy the stuff straight from a packing house and drink it from unlabeled cans. That sparked a lifelong obsession with all naranja beverages: Sunkist, Fanta, Sunny Delight, mandarin Jarritos, San Pellegrino, even that vile syrup they sell buy the gallon at Stater Brothers, of which I once drank one in about 45 minutes at Anaheim High and proceeded to vomit across the quad.

And now the Contra kids, makers of wonderful nitro-powered cold brew, were going to take on my addiction? Nguyen nervously laughed as she handed me a cup of their latest creation.Perfection: tasted like a melted creamsicle, heavy on the cream part and perfectly tangy. “This is amazing,” I announced to no one in particular, “and I say this as a orange-soda SNOB!” Find Contra’s mobile tap room, and ask them to fill you up a growler or 30. Yeah, there’s no alcohol in it—but sometimes, liquid deliverance don’t need to pickle your liver, you know?

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