Orange County Homeless Advocates Urging Board of Supervisors to Allow Homeless to Use Food Stamps at Restaurants

Feeding the homeless is always a tough proposition given their transitory nature. Anyone who visits downtown SanTana knows that various angels provide them with free meals in the Civic Center complex, but those donations only go so far. But now a group of advocates have started a Facebook page asking the Board of Supervisors to approve a California state initiative called the Restaurant Meals program that would allow homeless, the disabled and the elderly to use food stamps at participating restaurants.

"The Restaurant Meals Program, once approved by the county, allows the homeless, mentally ill and otherwise disabled to use food-stamp benefits at restaurants that participate and are able to profit from the privatization of federal dollars," reads the Facebook page. "The current form of government assistance provides little incentive for the homeless to apply for benefits, since bulk, uncooked food is difficult to manage, budget, consume or store. This program would allow local homeless easier access to food, as well as use of public restrooms."

If you are interested in signing a petition to push the Supes, click here.


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