Irvine just got a little more interesting.
Irvine just got a little more interesting.
Devilicious Donuts FB page

Opening of Devilicious Donuts' Irvine Shop Delayed Until Mid-September

We reported back in June that the Mission Viejo donut joint known as Devilicious was planting roots in the city of well-zoned neighborhoods. Word on the street is they were ready to bust the doors wide open over the holiday weekend.

Best known for....just about their entire menu, according to Shuji, they take the pastry train to Sugar Town with big ass birthday doughnuts and addicting maple bacon bars. Cronuts are great and all, but old-school cake varieties with a boatload of toppings works fine for us!

What was supposed to be August 31 looks more like a fortnight (that's 14 days), per their Facebook account. Looks like hungry suburbanites will have to wait a little longer. We hope they still plan a 7 a.m. "soft" opening to gave away glazed ones until they run out. At 10 a.m., a formal release of everything else should occur. Oh, and the new flavor will be available: Hickory Smoked Bacon Apple Fritters. Our teeth hurt just thinking about them. With the crowds descending upon Jeffrey and Irvine Center Drive, that might be a good day to hit Bruxie and/or G Burger. Hmmmm...

Devilicious Donuts is located at 15435 Jeffrey Rd, Irvine.

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