One Of The World's Best Chefs Coming Our Way?

Heston Blumenthal, chef-owner of The Fat Duck in Bray, England, Tweeted on Saturday that he's thinking of opening a restaurant in the US.

The restaurant hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons in March this year, when around 400 diners became ill after eating there, as we reported. But it's better known as one of only three UK restaurants with three Michelin stars, and as Restaurant magazine's Best Restaurant In The World (a position it held until 2005; since when it's been at No.2, behind Spain's El Bulli).

It's also the place where bacon and egg ice cream made its debut and Blumenthal's interest in "molecular gastronomy" was born.

I Tweeted Blumenthal back, begging him to consider OC when choosing a location, but so far there's been no response. As and when he does reply, suffice to say that the answer will likely be "no", or, at least "not till I've opened at least two restaurants in New York... and even then I'd probably pick LA over OC". But we live in hope.

Although The Fat Duck didn't quite live up to the hype on the one occasion (so far) I visited, Blumenthal is a visionary chef, not to mention the only one in the world (that I know of) named after a rest stop on a freeway.

And now for that egg and bacon ice cream:

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