On The Line: Wing Lam of Wahoo's Fish Taco, Part Two
Photo by Meranda Carter

On The Line: Wing Lam of Wahoo's Fish Taco, Part Two

The soon-to-be-married Wing (Congrats!!) keeps up the pace on our ride-along as we continue this week's interview. He offers more of his favorites, plus reveals his last meal that's only available in one place. For missing out on part one, you are banished here to catch up. Learn how to make a classic recipe tomorrow.

Hardest lesson you've learned:
Sometimes being the best is not the only way to get ahead.

What would your last meal on Earth be?
Eating a freshly picked mango (or five) in Brazil.

Who's your hero, culinary or otherwise?

My dad. He cooked all over the world and kicks butt.

Where do you like to go out to eat.
Crab cooker.

Where are you building the Las Vegas and New York locations?
In New York, it's 333 Park Avenue; in Vegas, it's in a bedroom community.

Where do you like to go surfing (or golfing, as we hear you enjoy that, too)?
I surf near 36th Street in Newport; I golf at Aliso Viejo Country Club.

Who came up with the Outer Reef Burrito?
Our Hawai'i franchisee; it was a portability issue with surfers. Our burritos are usually served with rice and beans on the side, but they would ask for everything to be stuffed inside.

What's your favorite menu item?
A side of white rice and black beans; it's my Brazilian staple.

What dish would you tell newcomers to Wahoo's to try first?
#2 fish and chicken taco combo, with the green sauce.

What would you be doing if you weren't in this business?
Working on the Internet and teaching.

What advice to you have for those who might be thinking about a career in food?
Hope you like cooking and dealing with crazy people.

What do you see yourself doing in five years? Ten years?
5 years - still cooking.
10 years - teaching.

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