On The Line: Terry Shapiro Of Cafe Rae, Part Two
Photo by Christina Bryson

On The Line: Terry Shapiro Of Cafe Rae, Part Two

Read our interview with Terry Shapiro of Cafe Rae, Part One . . .
And now, on to Part Two.

Hardest lesson you've learned. Life is one big lesson we are not done learning yet.

Last movie watched. A documentary about the blues called Lightening In A Bottle. It was awesome.

When you're not in the kitchen cooking, what are you doing? I am spending time with my daughter.

Where are you originally from? I'm originally from Chicago, but grew up in Orange County. Jenny is from Philadelphia.

How did you and Jenny meet? We met at Joe's Diner in Lee, Massachusetts, A restaurant I owned for a while.

What are the pros and cons to living and working together, if any? It is a work in progress. Nothing is easy.

Tell us about the artwork and items for sale. It's all handmade Batik, painting with wax and dyes. Jenny does tablecloths, clothing and wall hangings. She also does custom orders.

Last song playing on your radio: Walk and Don't Look Back from Peter Tosh and Mick Jagger.

Do you have any skills that are non-food related? I like to garden and fix things.

What would you be doing if you weren't in this business? We can't think of any other thing we would rather be doing.

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