On the Line: Renieri Caceres of Rustica in Fashion Island, Part Three

On the Line: Renieri Caceres of Rustica in Fashion Island, Part Three

For our final installment of On the Line with Renieri Caceres, the executive chef at Rustica in Fashion Island, our interview subject shares a recipe.

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On the Line: Renieri Caceres of Rustica in Fashion Island, Part Three



Chef's Notes:
This is a great dish that is an example of how we keep our food clean and simple. It allows our guests to put their own touches to the plate by customizing it their own tastes. It is fun, playful way to start a meal.

You start off with high-quality ingredients and only add a few things to heighten their flavors, and the dish will speak for itself.

1 lb. Ahi Tuna Tartare (Diced Small)
4 oz. Toasted hazel nuts
12 large leafs finely sliced mint
1 Avocado (diced small)
½ English Cucumber (diced small)
1 fl. oz. Olive Oil

1 Tbls. Citrus powder*
2 fl. oz. Lemon oil
4 fl. oz. Lemon Vinaigrette*
Sea salt (to taste)
Sriracha chili sauce (to taste)
Toasted Baguette

*Citrus Powder:

1 lemon
1 Lime
1 Orange
1 Grape fruit

With a microplane, remove the zest of each citrus. Place mixed zest on a plate. Leave out to dry. Once the zest is dry, break it apart by hand and crumble to cookie-crumb texture.

*Lemon Vinaigrette:

½ Shallot
1 Lemon (zest removed and juiced)
2 tsp. Dijon mustard
2 C. grape seed oil
Salt and pepper to taste

In a blender, place the sliced shallot and mustard. Turn the blender on, and begin to drizzle in the oil. Once half of the oil has been added, add the lemon juice. Finish by adding the remaining oil, salt and pepper. Then add the lemon zest.

Place your diced tuna in a large bowl and add the olive oil, then season the tuna with a pinch of sea salt and a pinch of citrus powder. Place your seasoned tuna in an individual mold per person or one large mold for the table. Finish the seasoning by adding sea salt and citrus powder. Place the other ingredients into small bowls and have your guests mix in the ingredients to their liking.

Rustica, 1133 Newport Center Dr., Newport Beach, (949) 706-8282; www.rusticafashionisland.com.


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