On the Line: John Q Humphreys, Chef/Owner of Ramos House Café

San Juan Cap's most famous eaterie has been home (literally) to Newport Beach native John Q Humphreys for the last 15 years. During that time it has built a reputation for low-key yet memorable grub, in particular a stellar brekkie/brunch. While succumbing to our inquisition, he gets fruity and violent.

1. Dish that you cook that most represents you.

Collard greens with smoked bacon and molasses.

2. What was the last meal you had at home?

Well since I live at my restaurant, that's a loaded question... But I guess it would be the Fruity Pebbles cereal that I'm eating right now.

3. Your favorite restaurant (other than yours):

I guess Joël Robuchon's place in Vegas, but based upon frequency and emotional attachment it would have to be L'Hirondelle here in San Juan Capistrano for maple snails, Belgium beer and backgammon.

4. Fast food guilty pleasure:

Jack In the Box grease wallets.

5. Complete this sentence:  I would like to [verb] [Food Network Star] with [noun].

I would like to assault Bobby Flay with a meat hammer!

6. Last meal of your life, what would it be?

Noella May Hebert.

7. Items you always have in your refrigerator:

Baking soda.

8. Your most indispensable kitchen tool or appliance:



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