On the Line: Greg Pugliese of Pizza e Vino, Part Three
Photo by LP Hastings

On the Line: Greg Pugliese of Pizza e Vino, Part Three

The second concept in the works was previously written up by Niyaz. Pizzeria Solo in Yorba Linda will feature 10 classic pizzas, plus a full kitchen to accommodate an extended menu of chicken, steak and fish entrees. We're crossing our fingers that both joints will launch by end of the year.

Greg informed us that Margherita pizza's origins come from the colors of the Italian flag, so he thought it only appropriate to feature this as our OTL recipe of the week. And while we did try asking about precise measurements, Pugliese was mum on numbers. We suppose he had to keep some things a secret (or make us dine there and ask in person).

Read our interview with Greg Pugliese of Pizza e Vino, Part Two.
And now, on to Part Three. . . .

Pizza E Vino Margherita Pizza

Since they don't slice their pies, let's just say it serves as many as you'd like.

Dough ingredients:

"00" flour

Dough directions:

Add first three ingredients to mixing bowl with hook attachment. Dissolve the salt and yeast into water before adding flour.

Add flour to your mixer in four separate batches until dough is formed and a little tacky, making sure not to dry out your flour. Otherwise you will burn your crust in your oven.

Divide your dough into desired portions and make sure that when you roll your individual dough portions that they are smooth and tight with no air pockets. Cover dough and let ferment in refrigerator for a minimum of 12 hours.

Sauce ingredients:

Canned San Marzano tomatoes in sauce
Fresh mozzarella
Basil sprigs

Sauce directions:

Crush your tomatoes by hand and season with salt and pepper.

To make your pizza, make sure your wood-fired oven is at the appropriate temperature of 850-degrees with a good sized flame.

Meanwhile, roll out your dough portion to as round a shape as possible (we keep ours very artisan so it does not have to be a perfect circle).

Once it's shaped, add one ladle of sauce, making sure to leave enough room at the edges to form a crust. Top your pizza with fresh mozzarella and sprigs of basil.

With your pizza paddle, slide your pizza into the oven. Rotate your pizza in the oven at least twice with minimal touch, being cautious not to tear a hole into your crust.

Your pizza should be cooked within 90 seconds. Remove from oven and plate. Enjoy this pizza fresh from the oven, as that is the best time to savor it!

On the Line: Greg Pugliese of Pizza e Vino, Part Three
Photo by LP Hastings

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