Frank DeLoach
Frank DeLoach
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On the Line: Frank DeLoach of Tavern On 2, Part Two

Major holidays don't stop our On the Line interviews. We learn even more about Frank in our second part below.

Read our interview with Frank, part one. And now . . .on to part two.

What inspired you to become a chef? My family. I first thought about being a chef in high school. I just loved cooking with my mother and father. But when I got out, I first attempted a film career. I have a brother and cousin who work in the entertainment industry. I worked at restaurants during that time, and quickly realized that I didn't enjoy film at all. My mother suggested cooking school, so I thought, "Shit, time to drop into the deep end." At nineteen, I dropped out of film school, quit a weird part-time job, got into Orange Coast College and started working at Pinot Provence. Super full-time school and work. Became obsessed.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in the little beach town of Dana Point. I swear it's like five miles square sometimes. It's super weird every time I go to visit family, because I feel like I see at least 10 people I grew up with. It's a nice, small town vibe.

What is the last thing you looked up online? Information on a California fishing and gaming license. Hunting is something I've always been fascinated by. It's like a full circle thing, you know? Hunt, kill, eat. It's my next adventure I plan to have. Get into really good hiking shape and have a good time outdoors.

Any skills that aren't food-related? That's tough. I don't really know anymore (laughs). Pretty good at Call of Duty. But on a real note, I'm decent for most handiwork: taking out the trash, feeding the cats, etc. I'm pretty lame.

Hardest lesson learned: Well, for me, dealing with my crazy ADD head took me a while. Cause you know, growing up I was a shit student. Really terrible. My parents hated me, but I learned when I got into cooking school and started working full-time it was like, "Whoa, just keep my shit clean and work hard. I get good grades." I guess the lesson is keep working hard, it actually pays off.

When you're not in the restaurant, what are you doing? When I'm not working, I try to spend time with my family. I hardly see them. I'm sure my wife forgets I'm alive (laughs). But I also really enjoy jiujitsu, movies, hanging out. Normal stuff.

Last song playing on your radio. Right now, I'm listening to my Benebar station on Pandora. As I'm writing this, La Vie en Rose by Dou Gadjo.

Last book read or movie watched. I'm constantly reading cookbooks. I have like 300 or something. It's ridiculous. I just watched The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug and the LOTR stuff again. I love the world of Middle Earth; it's awesome.

Let's talk about your travels. I traveled to Europe with my family on a number of occasions. United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and France. I have been extremely fortunate. But with all those trips, I looked at them like, I gotta do the museum shit with the family for a couple of hours. Then, it's me time. Markets, restaurants, people. Just got lost.

Where do you want to go back to? I would love to go back to Italy and really go deep into the southern regions. Spend time in each little spot-- Calabria, Sorrento, Sicily . . .Just get dropped off with some clothes and figure it out.

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