On The Line: Christian De La Vara of Brunos, Part Two
Photo by Liz Monroy

On The Line: Christian De La Vara of Brunos, Part Two

A family guy who enjoys a round of golf, Christian De La Vara shares a little insight into his hectic life. He says it like it is in the second half of his chef interview.

Happy Holidays and see you next year!

Read our interview with Christian De La Vara of Brunos, Part One.
And now, on to Part Two . . .

When you're not in the kitchen cooking, what are you doing?
Hanging out at Disneyland with my wife Amanda and son Rhone.

Last song playing on your radio?
Anything by Soundgarden.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Hacienda Heights, just on the other side of the hill from Brea. When I worked at Cha Chas Latin Kitchen, Brea became a second home.

Do you play any sports?
Golf whenever I can.

Hardest lesson you've learned:
That I'm not always right, and people don't always want my opinion.

What's your favorite childhood memory?
Playing golf with my dad when I was 10 years old.

Are you superstitious?
11:11 on the clock. It gets me every time.

What were you up to five years ago?
Cooking in my own restaurant.

Last movie watched.
Last movie I saw in the theater was Avengers with my son.

When you use the internet, what's on your homepage?
Ebay -- always looking for restaurant equipment.

Last thing you looked up/searched online:
Netflix - Jiro Dreams of Sushi. A documentary about an 85-year-old sushi master in Japan.

Do you have any skills that are non-food related?
Golf and mixing cocktails, but never at the same time.

What would you be doing if you weren't in this business?
Working at a golf shop/course so I could get the discount on equipment.

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