Okazu Ramen House to Open in Orange

Signs went up recently in the Target Plaza on Tustin St. and Meats Av. in Orange for Okazu Ramen House, at 2143 N. Tustin St. #A1, at the far southeastern end of the plaza.

Okazu Ramen House to Open in Orange
avlxyz @ flickr.com CC BY-SA 2.0

The restaurant's embryonic website, which is written in fractured English (a very encouraging sign), lists a menu of ramen, katsu, donburi, nabe (hot pot), noodles (udon and soba), and a few different kinds of gyoza. While there seem to be a few California-style sushi rolls coming, the front page talks about how sushi is not the focus.

They intend to be open in three months and have applied for an on-sale beer and wine license.

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