O.C.C.'s Captain's Table Starts Up Their $12 Lunch Lab This Week

O.C.C.'s Captain's Table Starts Up Their $12 Lunch Lab This Week

It's back to school for the kids at Orange Coast College, which includes its culinary students, and we all know what that means: Orange Coast College's Captain's Table, the restaurant that functions as a lab and training class for the aspiring chefs, will be open for the Spring Semester.

As I've mentioned last year, I've been to a few of these and it's always fun.  You can't help but root for these up-and-comers, no matter if they screw-up.

And of course, the food is a bargain for the quality.  $12 for a three-courser?! Take THAT Orange County Restaurant Week!  

The lunch happens every Thursday from Feb. 28th to May 21st.  Seatings are for 11:30 AM, 11:45 AM, 12:00 PM, and 12:15 PM.  Reservations are required.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

This semester, they're going back to teaching global cuisine. As you may remember, last winter they did American regional cooking. 

This week they start with the cuisine of Mexico, and then, the WORLD!!!

O.C.C.'s Captain's Table.  2701 Fairview Road, Costa Mesa, CA 92628, (714) 432-5876 Ext. 22

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