Spicy Miso Pork Ramen and Curry Rice + Soba Noodle Combo: Both for Under $20
Spicy Miso Pork Ramen and Curry Rice + Soba Noodle Combo: Both for Under $20
Javier Cabral

OC Weekly Intern Lunch! Extremely Student-Friendly Fare at Mitsuwa Market

Being an (unpaid!) intern at any publication is really a selfless act into publishing martyrdom. Yes, the experience is invaluable for a blossoming journalist who refuses to let the grim realities of print journalism get to him. And believe it or not, I have actually grown to respect the relentless commute from East L.A to Costa Mesa to Pasadena (thank god for being able to digitizing my vinyl). However, as jolly and cheery as all of this sounds, the same can not be said for my wallet. To be frank, rising gas prices have put me in a pretty critical situation. Hell, these days I consider it a splurge if I go out once a week.

I have always been guilty of buying a chunk of good cheese and heirloom veggies over a pair of new shoes any day. But these days, I have actually found myself questioning my (phantom) disposable-income-driven chosen career that once seemed so bright.

Which is why this last intern lunch at Mitsuwa Marketplace was particularly comforting.

Javier Cabral
OC Weekly Intern Mi Tran: Food-Struck

It was a "must-have-Indian-lunch-buffet" kind of day at the


world headquarters but the cubicle-mate Mi Tran

had suggested

WAS FIXED on the famed Mitsuwa Market food court instead. She wanted Ramen and fter several curried attempts, I eventually bit the noodle bullet and just gave in.

Thank you, Mimi! It was my first time at Mitsuwa Market (hey, don't hate on an Eastlos guy--have you been to Al and Bea's? Thought so) so I was pretty much swept off my feet just by walking inside. The food court hosts a handful of busy stands, of course, all displaying their delicious specialties through those notorious deceptive, plastic renditions that we all still drool over.

Mimi satiated her ramen fix in the form of some spicy pork ramen ($9) from the popular Santouka stand. I still acted on my curry urges, ended up at the cheapskate-favorite Miyabi-Tei right next door with a zaru soba plus curry rice plus salad combo set (for under $7!).

The ramen wasn't bad at all, rich with bamboo shoots that snapped at the bite. And, oh that porky broth! I found it better than typical Little Tokyo standards. My carb-lovers combo put a refreshing smile on my face as well. The noodles were al dente, they were served in a pool of cool ponzu sauce with a generous smear of wasabi. The short-grain rice for the curry was nice and chewy, to boot. All the better to sop up my extra shooter of curry sauce I purchased for seconds.

Talk about a balancing meal.

Stay tuned to see where the next OC Weekly Intern Lunch takes us!


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