OC Restaurant A-Hole Quiz Time

Overheard at Pizzeria Ortica recently, when the chica and I were enjoying the high-end pie shop's new farmer's market-derived weekly menu:

One person: You know [known person or persons of the Orange County culinary scene]?

To another: Oh, yeah--absolute nightmare. So damn cocky, but for what? Food sucks!

One of them, to someone passing by: Hey--[known person or persons]?

Passer-by: Yeah! Absolute assholes!

Laughs all around

Gentle readers: Who is this terror they were referring to? Only clue I'll give is the possibility of a plural. Winner gets a free jar of my chica's habanero jelly, her finest concoction yet (boils down the heat so you get a flash of its fire, but with all its citrus aftertaste intact). One guess per comment per person!

And now, "Saturday Night Fish Fry" (NOT a clue):


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