Perfect pairing
Perfect pairing
The Culinary Underground

OC Grub Guide: Tacos, Tanaka And Afters!

The end of the month might as well be the weekend, as far as we're concerned. So let us entertain you with tasty recommendations for the next few days. Our current selection includes fruit, handheld meals and dessert. If you can juggle two or more events, that's a balanced diet!

Thursday Thursday At Native Son Alehouse - Downtown Santa Ana (DTSA)
Our friends at The Culinary Underground are setting up camp upstairs for $2 taco action. Service starts at 5:30 p.m. this evening and continues until Andrea Machuca says so. Her chicken version includes stout-braised meat, mole negro, pickled red onion, cotija and cilantro. House made chorizo, papas and shaved panela is for the pork lover. Nopales, maitake mushrooms, spiced chickpeas, confit garlic plus avocado mousse await the veggie fan. Save room for dessert: Abuelita chocolate panna cotta with raspberry creme, marzapan crumb, bunuelo and mint. Get it!

$1.31 scoop day at Baskin-Robbins
To celebrate March 31st, treat yourself to one of Baskin's 31 flavors. They're all up for grabs for the low price of a buck and some change (plus applicable tax!). Obligatory legal crap: Offer valid March 31. Participation may vary. Scoop offer good on every size scoop. Waffle cones and toppings are extra. Excludes Sundaes. Cannot be combined with other offers. Hey, get yourself some good karma and pay it forward.

Tanaka Farms walk-on strawberry tours
Hop onto the wagon today or Friday. While weekends are often busy during strawberry season, the Tanaka family is offering reservation-free, weekday tours this week only. Sample the various crops, plus pick your own basket of berries for that shortcake recipe you spied on Tasty. For pricing and additional details, visit their website.

Apple 'n brie quesadillaEXPAND
Apple 'n brie quesadilla
El Torito Grill

First Friday at El Torito Grill Irvine

We confirmed you won't be fooled dropping by this Main Street branch of El Torito tomorrow. Offered once a month in Irvine's cantina only (5-8 p.m.), chow on blue corn chicken nachos, shrimp and chorizo tacos, plus mesquite-grilled steak sliders for less than $9 per shareable plate. Their special cocktail menu never goes over $10. And yes, there are wine and beer deals to be had. Bonus: excellent choice in live music! No, that wasn't our margarita intake talking.

Afters Costa Mesa grand opening
It ain't easy thinking of witty things to say about a brand after our publication already featured them on the cover. So we'll be a straight shooter and drop facts instead. Saturday is the day, and the fun begins at 8 p.m. If you know the drill, you also know to line up your squad way earlier for that free swag. The first 50 fans at 1835 Newport Boulevard will be rewarded.

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