OC Greek Fest in Anaheim This Weekend

OC Greek Fest in Anaheim This Weekend

This weekend is turning out to be the weekend of food festivals. Yesterday we reminded you about the Anatolian Cultures & Food Festival in Costa Mesa. Starting Friday, St. John's Greek Orthodox Church, 405 N. Dale Ave. in Anaheim will, once again, celebrate its annual Greek Fest with zorba dancing, souvlaki and baklava.

A full list of of what will be sold under tents can be seen here, but you can be sure there will be pastries. And oh boy, will there be pastries. Everything from the aforementioned baklava, to diples (twisted sheets of pastry dripped in honey syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon), to revanis (sponge cake with almonds and powdered sugar), to something called Yia-Yia's cookies will ensure a rolicking, cavity-inducing good time.

Best of all, admission is free if you print out this ticket from their website.

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