OC Fair Food: Disgusting or Really Disgusting?

The Orange County Fair, which in the past has served us bloomin' onions, smoking brisket, fried Spam, fried avocados, deep-fried Oreos, deep-fried cupcakes, deep-fried Snickers bars, deep-fried White Castle burgers, chili-cheese fries, pulled-pork sandwiches . . . pardon me a second: PADDLES! CLEAR! . . . ginormous turkey legs, 6-inch tall hamburgers, Krispy Kreme chicken sandwiches, to-die-for cinnamon rolls and Australian beer-battered potatoes swimming in cheese sauce and ranch dressing returns July 10-Aug. 9 with something really disgusting:

OC Fair Food: Disgusting or Really Disgusting?

Chocolate-covered bacon.

You know, if the Fair is not careful, one of these years I'm not going to completely finish what they shove down my pie hole. Anyone else hungry?

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