OC Fair Entry Signups Due June 1

Does your family always ask you to bring your pound cake to the family gatherings? Are you ready for the coming apocalypse with a pantry full of perfect preserves? Do your friends come to your house instead of going to the local brewery's tasting room? Do you have a gift for tablescapes table decoration [CURSE YOU, SANDRA LEE]?
Well, assuming the Rapture doesn't happen Saturday as planned, and assuming the fairgrounds aren't sold and turned into beautiful, modern tract homes, you have until June 1 to register for this year's Orange County Fair at ocfair.com/competitions. The theme is "Let's Eat," and they've got new divisions for cheesecakes and sugar sculptures. Also, there's a $100 prize for the best food-blog post (but the post must contain a recipe).

Maybe I'll see you as I drop off my entries.

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