OC Del Taco Worker Leaves Kitchen to Beat Up Customer!

Taco shop brawls are nothing new. Hell, the Weekly even listed the five best taquería throwdowns last year on this blog, including a transgender grapple! But there was something different about the Del Taco tussle I witnessed earlier this week in OC.

A Mexi worker behind the counter threw the finger at a gabacho outside the establishment who was talking masa. Who knows if the beef for the Macho Nachos showdown to come started elsewhere.

Either way, I placed my order thinking they were just friends fucking around with each other until the gaba came back, friend in tow.

Ready to rumble, the Mexi worker left the kitchen area and headed outside. Heated words were exchanged before the first punch was thrown. Once the other


realized what was going on, they ditched processing their drive-thru orders and tried to pry the pugilists off each other.

After breaking up the fight, insults continued. "Pussy!" the worker taunted. Round two was about to go down but cooler heads prevailed and everybody went about their ways.

Taco throwdown stories are a dime a dozen, but I don't think I've seen or heard about one where somebody from behind the counter gets down. Retelling it all, a friend asked me, "Who won?" Nobody looked too jacked up, but I know who lost. My fries! Left alone for all that time, they were burnt to a pinche crisp!

The best part? The whole ordeal gives me the excuse to post the awesomely bad song "

Fizzight @ Del Taco

" from none other than the

Cypress Ninja Click


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