OC Brew Ha Ha Folks Debut "OC Brew Ho Ho" Ale Fest THIS SATURDAY at the Phoenix Club!

We love those crazy kids over at the O.C. Brew Ha Ha, the county's best craft-beer get-together. And now, we love them even more--not just because they're debuting a much-needed ale fest at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim this Saturday, but for the name: the OC Brew Ho Ho. OF COURSE...but still, HILARIOUS!
There'll be 50 breweries present, with the usual Murderer's Row of locals: Haven, Noble Ale, Bootlegger's, Cismontane, and TAPS is the short list. Slater's 50/50 will provide grub, among others, and the cost of a ticket is $45, which includes a festival glass and unlimited three-ounce samples.

All the information you need (address, hours, how to buy tickets) is right here. What's this Saturday? No baseball, no college football, no pro football--it's drinking time, cabrones. And, as the name of this column states, hops to it!

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