Oat Cuisine (Part 2)

As exciting as eating Kashi Go Lean for breakfast every day is, once in a while a girl has to try something new... Especially when the weather's taken a turn for the worse and your stomach is craving something warm.

You'll remember Edwin's recent post about Starbucks venturing into the world of breakfast combos, including oatmeal. Well, it turns out that Jamba Juice is also in on the action, offering not just any old oatmeal, but slow-cooked, organic steel-cut oatmeal made with soy milk. So when I came across this coupon online—which gets you a pot of the gooey stuff for just a buck (till March 1) instead of the usual $2.95—I had to try it.

Verdict? Yummy. That's the technical term. But, for those of you who want something more definitive, here goes:

The oatmeal is thick, with just the right amount of bite. It's not too sweet, although the toppings soon put paid to that. First, a crunchy brown sugar crumble, then one of three fruit options: apple-cinnamon, blueberry-blackberry and fresh sliced banana. I chose the banana, which the server arranged lovingly on top of the sugar (apparently it works better this way round, rather than with the sugar on top of the fruit, as the sugar melts into the warm oatmeal).

The only drawback? When you're used to a more savory start to the day, this breakfast will give you a sugar rush, followed quickly by a craving for another helping. Before you know it you'll be asking "Please sir, can I have some more?"

Served daily till 11am.


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