Now There's Tequila-Flavored Beer

What the hell is it with beer companies trying to Mexicanize their product for an American market? Recently, they tried to push micheladas on us, to crappy sales; earlier, they tried to push margarita beers on us, to crappy sales.

Now, Heineken is going to debut something called Desperados, a tequila-flavored beer popular in France, a country that also thinks a 35-hour work week is productive.

AdAge has the full story here, along with the note that American beer companies tried this same ruse a couple of decades crappy sales.

Beer companies: while watered-down Mexican alcoholic flavors might work in backwaters like France, it ain't gonna happen in the United States, where you can not only have Mexican alcohol, but Mexican beer--and never the twain shall meet in the palates of gabachos unless they're double-fisting, you know!

Here's a promotional video--because gyrating model types are SUCH a turn-on to get folks to try this swill, right?

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