Now Taco Bell Is Selling A Biscuit Breakfast Taco

Now Taco Bell Is Selling A Biscuit Breakfast Taco

Taco Bell, ever the newsmaker, is introducing something new (already) with its breakfast menu: Biscuit Tacos, their waffle taco filings inside new taco-shell-shaped biscuits with the addition of three new slightly-more-southern options.


Honestly, the Taco Bell breakfast menu has been pretty cool EXCEPT for the Waffle Tacos, so these biscuit tacos might be a fresh breath of air. They're made with actual butter and butter milk, and were first tested in Atlanta to make sure they're to snuff.

In addition to the sausage, bacon, egg, cheese choices you can currently get, you can now also order sausage and gravy, tortilla-crusted chicken and gravy, or tortilla-crusted chicken and honey.

Oh, and there are currently three test locations in Orange County: 303 West Imperial Highway in Brea and 131 East Orangethrope Ave. in Fullerton and 3000 Yorba Linda Blvd in Fullerton. I guess there's just something about North County that screams we're-down-with-oddly-shaped-food?

Anyways, have at it.

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