Now Open at The District: Asian Mint
Edwin Goei

Now Open at The District: Asian Mint

I've never been so relieved in being so wrong.  As it turns out, Asian Mint at the District has no affiliation whatsoever with the Asian Mint's in Texas, as I previously guessed.  It is, in fact, a straight-up Vietnamese restaurant, not a Thai-sushi hybrid like their Lone Star State doppelgangers.

They opened for business two days ago.  And the dining room is quite the looker.  It is, perhaps, too good.  In my experience with Vietnamese restaurants, there is an inverse relationship between food tastiness and interior design:  the more nicely appointed a Vietnamese place, the worse it means for the food.  Since I have not sampled any of their dishes, I hope I am wrong again; because I want this place...nay...I need this place to be good.

However, it is still nice to see how much it sparkles.  Tastefully patterned green upholstery on the booth seats.  Creamy yellow leather high-backed chairs.  A steel-plated wall that looks like chain mail armor.  Not quite what I imagined a joint that serves the usual roster of pho, bun, and com tam to look like, but if it's successful, with customers and time, the grime will set in and eventually, it will look just like the others.


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