Now Open at Irvine Marketplace: Another Yogurtland and Dumpling & Noodle House

First, let's get it out of the way: The Yogurtland that I said was going to open in the Irvine Marketplace is now open. And yes, I tried it. And yes, I liked it. How could I not? It's even closer to me than ever now.

Also in a previous post, I ventured a guess, actually a wish, that the new Dumpling & Noodle House -- which is located two doors down from Yogurtland in the Irvine Marketplace Food Court -- would serve juicy pork dumplings like Din Tai Fung in Arcadia. Well that wish wasn't meant to be.

It turns out Dumpling & Noodle House is Korean. So they serve Korean dumplings and Korean noodles. 

Of the latter, I saw wash basin-sized bowls filled with thick, udon-like strands, awash in a seething red broth and topped with hacked hunks of crab carcass. I saw people slurping up jja jang myun, more noodles drenched in what looks like crude oil, but what is actually black bean sauce. And most promising of all, I saw a line of customers waiting to order.

CLICK HERE for a scan of their menu.


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