Apparently delicious enough to have its own shortage
Apparently delicious enough to have its own shortage
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Not a G'Day Down Under: Marmite Shortage Strikes New Zealand

2011 was a great year for earthquakes. Not only did they manage to get the world to rethink nuclear power (something Greenpeace has failed to do since...well, ever) but now they've started to rid the world of Marmite, that off-putting yeast spread our cousins across the pond and down under seem to love so much.



reported today that Marmite (the best representative of British food not called Chicken Tikka Masala) supplies around New Zealand are plummeting, leading to shortages, hoarding, price spikes and basically everything else that happens during a food shortage.

Even the Prime Minister, John Key, has gone on record about the shortage.

"I'm going to have to go thin I'm afraid. I have a very small amount in my office and once that runs out I'm obviously aware that supplies are short," he commented earlier on TV3.

If you've never had any, Marmite is a super-savory yeast extract spread sort of like the gunk that collects under your toe nails. Some people like to eat it on toast with some jam or in sandwiches. This person gags on sight when he sees it.

Kiwis better moderate soon because, according to Sanitarium (the company that produces New Zealand's version of Marmite, also the place I would put people who enjoy it), the country's one factory won't be operational until sometime in July. Until then, New Zealanders are going to have to find something else savory to put on their toast, or maybe bum off their older brother Australia.

Or, you know, they could stop eating the stuff. That'd be cool too.

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