Northwood Pizza in Irvine To Close in June, Some Locals Not Happy

Normally, this would be a one-off post: a pizza parlor in Irvine is closing next month, its owners having decided to turn it into a new concept, a clone of The Boiling Crab called The Spicy Crab.

But this isn't a normal story. It seems that Northwood Pizza has some rabid loyalists who've taken it upon themselves to air their outrage on Facebook. They are upset that their go-to 30-year-old pizza joint is turning into a Cajun seafood place, an idea which one fan summarily dismissed with "blechhhhhhh..."

At last count there were three Facebook pages dedicated to it. One wants to save it, another thanks it, and the third calls for a peaceful sit-in during their last day of business. The latter encourages fans to "get together on the Saturday before, buy a small soda (so we can't get kicked out for loitering), and just not leave. No drama. No fights. Just awareness and memories."

But even within the fan page, there are dissenting voices. One poster commented, "If you liked it all so much...why didn't you go more often so it'll be profitable for them to keep it??? Capitalism and Darwinism at work here guys."

Another poster replied, "You're not helping. This page is called Save Northwood Pizza. Not 'state the obvious' page."

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