Northwood Pizza in Irvine Closes, And Is Reopening?

Remember the hubbub that surrounded the closing of one Northwood Pizza in Irvine about a month ago? If you recall it spawned no less than three Facebook pages: one bemoaning its demise, one that became a repository for memories, and one that called people to do a peaceful sit-in on their last day of business on June 11.

73 people signed up for the latter; but that day has come and gone without much of an update on whether it actually occurred.

But even as the restaurant closed last week (June 15th), making way for a self-described Casian (Cajun + Asian) Restaurant called Spicy Crab to move in, there's some talk about someone who's affiliated with the pizza parlor opening a sort of resurrected Northwood across the street with the same recipes.

The news hasn't quite satisfied some loyalists. When one Facebook poster asked, "Doesn't this solve everything though?", another replied, "No.. it is take out and delivery only. Not some place for people to go and catch the game, get a pitcher, and hang out."

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