No Teeny Wiener Menu At Mustard's

Mustard's, for those of you who don't know, is a down-to-earth sports-themed (in a good way) café at 3630 Katella Ave. in Los Alamitos. Its claim to fame is authentic Chicago-style dogs, which it does very well, but, really, what's with the ridiculously long repertoire?

From pork chops to chicken sandwiches to chili cheeseburgers to turkey melts to baby back ribs, it's a vacillator's nightmare. I was surprised there weren't lines of people standing by the menu board, craning their necks, staring with open mouths at its vastness.

So why do these places attempt everything? Surely when your USP is clear, and executed to perfection, you needn't go any further? Seriously, are people going to go to a hot dog hole-in-the-wall for a salad? Or fish and chips, which was posted on their specials menu last weekend. (For a menu wouldn't be complete without a handful of specials.)

And what's the true sign of a descent into madness--by a non-Asian establishment, that is?

Chicken teriyaki, of course.

Which Mustard's also does.


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