No, Pee Wee, Strawberry Cobbler Won't Dishwasher. Sorry.

The secret word of the day is... DISHWASHER!
The secret word of the day is... DISHWASHER!
Pee Wee Herman's Facebook page

Pee Wee Herman--yes, that Pee Wee Herman--linked our "Will It Dishwasher?" post yesterday with the caption, "Strawberry Cobbler a la Dishwasher." That post was from last year and attracted a new wave of commentators, which we welcome.

But we're sorry, Pee Wee: That part of the experiment failed kind of miserably. Still, this is the kind of research that will keep America at the forefront of progress.

At least if it had blown up, we could have cleaned it with Kool-Aid, thanks to Pee Wee's previous Tweet of an eHow article on alternate ways of cleaning the dishwasher.

(What is it with Pee Wee Herman and dishwashers, anyway?)

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