No Joke--Denny's Has Another Freebie (Kinda) April 8

Hot on the heels of its massively successful Grand Slam breakfast giveaway in February (which was enjoyed by two million people, no less), Denny's is offering a follow-up deal.

Next Wednesday, April 8, between 6:00am and 2:00pm, the chain will be giving away a free Grand Slamwich--with the purchase of a Grand Slam breakfast, that is. So, either come really hungry, or bring someone else (although perhaps not "someone special", as Denny's are suggesting.)

The Grand Slamwich--basically, the Grand Slam between two slices of maple-glazed toast--has been available since December, but there was no official product launch here in California. So if you didn't realize it was on the menu, now's your chance to try it.

As Denny's spokesperson Christian Schwarz reminded me, "California is our most important market". That, coupled with the state's ridiculous unemployment figure, might well result in lines around the block again.

Someone once said that there was no meal that couldn't be improved by making it into a sandwich, but, my stomach aching just from writing this, I'm wondering if the Grand Slam(wich) might be the exception to the rule.


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