God bless that panocha...
God bless that panocha...

No. 99, Panocha at Taquería Zamora

Hey, kids: guess what time is it? It's time to restart that Long March known as 100 Favorite Dishes (INSERT YEAR). YEAH!!!

Hey, don't ding us for listicles: Weekly DataLab studies show ustedes love this gimmick, launched in honor of our coming Best Of issue. Besides, it is rather fun to do this for us Forkers--an opportunity to highlight dishes from restaurants we'll never full review, or secrets from old standbys. Anyhoo, let the march begin...

I eat at Taquería Zamora in SanTana about once a week--it's where I conduct interviews and meetings. I'm there so much that the workers know my usual: orange juice, one beef taco, and some panocha for dessert. Commence lame double entendres...NOW!

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As readers of my other column know, panocha is Mexican Spanish slang for a woman's private parts, cruder even than our "pussy." But it's derived from the Mexican Spanish term for brown sugar, and is most famous as a New Mexico Lenten pudding.

When I wrote about Taqueria Zamora's panocha two years ago, they only sold them during Lent. But they proved such great sellers that it's now a daily treat, made fresh every morning, each a unique treat and still sold in packages of two near the counter for two bucks Yeah, the one above was burnt a bit much, but its twin was perfect: chewy, fragrant, toasted perfectly yet moist, and only vaguely sweet. It wasn't as sugary as most pan dulces, but restrained--really a treat. Just like...oh, never mind.

The list:

100. Bean-and-Cheese Burrito from Del Taco

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