No. 98: Spam Musubi at k'ya Street Fare

No. 98: Spam Musubi at k'ya Street Fare

Welcome to the Weekly's list of our 100 Favorite Dishes for 2011! Tune in every day until we get to número uno! Now, on to the latest entry. . . .

A big block of rice, topped by a magazine-thick slice of Spam and wrapped in nori, with a torrent of teriyaki sauce: That is the Spam musubi at k'ya Street Fare, whose praises I sung before but whose picture I finally found.

What else to say? Besides the smokiness of the nori, the sugary teriyaki sauce, the firm rice and the creamy Spam? And that it's three bucks for something that could crack a windshield? That it can constitute a whole meal but is better used as an appetizer among amigos while tackling k'ya's encyclopedic menu. But every once in a while, when the worries of the world circle you, sometimes life can't get better than ingesting this block and letting the resultant food coma take care of you through the night.

The list so far:

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