No. 95: Milanesa Sandwich at Piaggio's Gourmet on Wheels

No. 95: Milanesa Sandwich at Piaggio's Gourmet on Wheels

My favorite Piaggio's on Wheels dish (hint, hint for later in this list...) is actually their choripán, but I cannot deny the power of their milanesa. We all know owner Jose Piaggio is a master of meat, but he outdoes even his own standards in preparing the breaded chicken.

Milanesa seems simple enough: dip the slice of meat in an egg batter, dip that into breadcrumbs, then fry. But too many attempts are splotchy, over-fry, or have such thin batters that they inevitably crumble, leading to a soggy mess.

Piaggio's milanesa is perfect: crunchy, slightly thicker than the norm, sweet with the frying process. More importantly, the chicken slice is fat, not the petals usually presented as milanesa by lesser Argentine eateries. Add the fine bread, the potent chimichurri, and reasonable price, and you're reminded that maybe this luxe lonchera crazy isn't bad after all...

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