No. 84: Wild Boar Balinese Sausage at Valhalla Table

No. 84: Wild Boar Balinese Sausage at Valhalla Table

Welcome to the 2011 edition of Stick A Fork In It's 100 Favorite Dishes. We've just kicked off our countdown to #1 (which will appear the same week as our compendium on all that's good and right about Orange County).

Say "sausage party," and a room full of guys will roll their eyes and leave, unless that room happens to be the Costa Mesa man-cave of meat and beer known as Valhalla Table. I've had exotic sausages on the brain lately, with my Memorial Day post and my interview with Evan Kleiman on KCRW this past weekend.

My first choice in that interview? The Wild Boar Balinese sausage!

Valhalla Table makes has a full menu of house-made sausages including classics like bratwurst and chicken-apple. There's nothing wrong with safe choices, but if you had to pick one with the most soul, the most love, which should you choose?

Knowing that this restaurant is owned by the same Indonesian family as Irvine's Layer Cake Bakery, would you choose the Sweet Italian sausage, or the Wild Boar Balinese? Boar meat isn't as gamy as you'd think, but still lays down a rich foundation of flavor and fat. Ginger and lemongrass sing the high aromatic notes above the meaty richness.

You can choose whatever condiment you want from the menu, but trust me on this--go with the default sambal balado, a fresh tomato concassé spiked with chili that elevates the flavors of Southeast Asia.

Valhalla Table 2981 Bristol St., #B2, Costa Mesa. (714) 549-2960;

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