No. 79, Broken Rice at Dat Thanh
Dave Lieberman

No. 79, Broken Rice at Dat Thanh

From now until OC Weekly's Best Of issue comes out, Stick a Fork In It will be counting down one hundred of our favorite dishes in the county--one dish we think you should be eating each day until the magnum opus is published. We love Dat Thanh for its nem nướng cuốn, pork sausage wrapped up in rolls that beat the doyenne of nem nướng cuốn, Brodard... but that's not the only thing on its menu, even if it is an enormous picture on the outside of the menu.

No, Dat Thanh has awesome cơm tấm, too--broken rice garnished with your choice of several toppings. The rice itself has a texture more like couscous, because of the irregular shape of the rice; the toppings range from the county's best tàu hũ ky (fried tofu skin stuffed with shrimp paste), a huge mound of sweet Chinese sausage, chả (a pork and noodle quiche) and bì, shredded pork tossed in toasted rice powder. Eat one of these $8.89 plates at lunch and you won't be hungry for dinner.


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