Huitlacoche in all its black glory...
Huitlacoche in all its black glory...

Newest Edition of Associated Press Stylebook Includes Food Section--No More Italicizing Sashimi and Huitlacoche!

You know a food has made it into the United States not when it enters the dictionaries, not when it enters the vernacular, but when the Associated Press Stylebook--the bible of all media editors and the bane of reporters who try to write stories without some damn copy editor nagging them about a misplaced comma (love you, Patty!)--includes it into its stylebook.

And that's what happened this week for a bunch of words, as the latest edition debuts the august publication's first-ever food section.

We're too poor to afford an online subscription to the AP's online version, but a press release hints at some of the suggestions and definitions it has included for its first attempt. Huitlacoche made the cut, as did locavore and ghee. More perplexing is "adobo sauce"--I guess gabachos use it to cook Mexican food? See, us Mexis, when preparing a dish that calls for the preparation, simply call the finished product adovada--that is, prepared adobo-style. But when I think adobo, I think Filipino.

Anyhoo, congrats, AP, on joining us in the 21st century! But where's "clustertruck" or "Bro-Mex"?

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