Now that's a bowl!
Now that's a bowl!
Anne Marie Panoringan

New Luxe Lonchera Alert: Falasophy

When Seabirds went all brick-and-mortar, it left a void for those who spend their time trying to find a meatless meal. Sure, most loncheras had a salad or could serve a dish without meat. Yet diners were now missing a dedicated vegetarian/vegan option. This is where Falasophy steps in.

They officially kicked off a couple of weeks ago, and are slowly making the rounds. Their concept: falafels and hummus bowls topped with whatever you're in the mood for. Or you could be like yours truly and put both in one vessel to chow down.

Falasophy's playful truck wrap takes a less-than-serious approach to education, but their menu speaks for itself. Our chef interview with owner Rashad Moumneh is coming later this month, but to sample the cuisine is a lesson in good taste: Moroccan-spiced carrots, garlic Belgian fries and kale tabouli round out the abbreviated menu. To learn more, visit the gang via their Facebook page.

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