New Inka Grill Opens In Costa Mesa

New Inka Grill Opens In Costa Mesa
Edwin Goei

Costa Mesans now have one less Thai joint**, but get one more Peruvian restaurant to offset the loss. Previously Thai Tasty Corner, the building in the same parking lot as Sushi Shibucho has recently reopened as Inka Grill.

Their claim to fame? Well, it's in bigger letters eclipsing their name--rotisserie chicken known to Peruvian food connoisseurs as pollo a la brasa. There are other Inka Grills in OC; this is now the second in Costa Mesa itself.

562 W. 19th St. Costa Mesa, CA 92627

**Correction from reader Doug:  "Correction....that Thai joint just moved down the street. They dropped the corner and they are simply Thai Tastee. Still delicious though."

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