Photo is of Ngu Binh's Hue dishes
Photo is of Ngu Binh's Hue dishes
Edwin Goei

New Hue Restaurant Opens in Garden Grove

You know what OC needs more of? Restaurants that serve banh beo, those button-cute mini Jell-O shots of steamed rice flour batter from the Hue region of Vietnam.

There is, of course, Quan Hop and its dressier bigger sister Quan Hy. And last year I wrote up Ngu Binh, which eschews the elegance of the previous two's interior design for a down-and-dirty version. There are countless and anonymous others I've yet to try, but last month brought the newest entrant in Hue Oi, which plies dishes that begin with the rice starch batter.

The menu also has bun bo hue, the spicy beef noodle soup with congealed cakes of pork blood under its specialties. The restaurant officially opened May 27th, but they are running a grand opening special until the end of June: 20% off the entire menu.

This post, if you haven't figured out, is not a review, but an informational post of its opening.

To get more info, see its Facebook page.

9752 Chapman Ave. Garden Grove, CA 92841 (714) 534-3040 - Next to IHOP - Across from Regal Cinemas.

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